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Pioneer CDJ-3000


Pioneer CDJ-3000 media player rental

Pioneers CDJ-3000 is their most advanced professional DJ media player yet. The sound quality and system stability are better than ever and it’s clear that this is Pioneer’s most advanced player to date. The large touchscreen, responsive jog wheel and other improvements offer DJs hands-on control. With rekordbox, setting up beat grids, mapping color-coded hot cue points, adding tags to tracks, or preparing playlists is simple and accessible. You can find the specific track you need with keyword search or track filter on the CDJ-3000’s 8″ touchscreen display.

More Info available at Pioneer DJ.

Included in your rental:

1- CDJ3000

1- IEC Power Cable

1- Dual RCA Cable

2- USB A/B Cable

1- 5′ Ethernet Cable

1- X-small Road Case