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Rane TTM-56


Rane TTM-56 Rental

The Rane TTM-56 is a professional two-channel DJ mixer designed for turntablists, performance, scratch and battle DJs. At the heart of the TTM-56 is the revolutionary magnetic crossfader and channel level faders.

Originally reserved for the most demanding industrial and aerospace applications, non-contact magnetic position sensor technology is implemented into the design of the crossfader. The result is a crossfader without travel noise, bleed and a mechanical life that exceeds 10 million strokes. The fader is also tolerant to moisture, smoke, temperature and other elements that are known to accelerate wear.

The highly responsive faders are extremely sensitive to subtle hand movements. Completely adjustable contour curves are provided for smooth transitions and quick cuts and scratches. Incredible sound quality and performance are synonymous with all Rane mixers and the TTM-56 is no exception with 3-band accelerated slope EQ controls on each channel, balanced and unbalanced outputs and rich sound throughout.


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