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Yamaha DM3 Digital Mixing Console


Yamaha DM3 Digital Audio Mixer Rental

In the realm of sound reinforcement, the term “compact” has often carried connotations of limitations, suggesting potential compromises in functionality, connectivity, or sound quality, and at times, all three. Historically, choosing a compact console meant deciding what you were willing to give up to attain the necessary capabilities within the confines of your available space. However, the paradigm is shifting with the groundbreaking DM3 series of mixing consoles. The DM3 series defies the conventional notions associated with compact consoles, offering not only superb sound quality but also ensuring a swift and effortless setup and operation. These mixing consoles boast professional-level features tailored for live sound, streaming, and both live and home recording, elevating the user experience to heights unparalleled by any other console in this size category. Whether you’re engaged in live sound production, streaming content, or recording music, the DM3 series has you covered. The inclusion of professional-level features caters to a diverse range of applications, making these mixing consoles a versatile choice for artists, producers, and sound engineers alike.


  • 8 + 1 fader configuration
  • 9-inch multi-touch screen
  • Input mixing channels: 16 mono + 1 stereo + 2 FX return
  • Busses: 1 Stereo, 6 Mix, 2 FX, 2 Matrix (Supports Input to Matrix)
  • Local I/O: 16 Mic/Line (12 XLR + 4 XLR/TRS Phones Combo) inputs, and 8 (XLR) outputs
  • Dante: 16 inputs, and 16 outputs
  • USB: 18 inputs, and 18 outputs
  • 18 Effects, and GEQ on Mix 1-6 and Stereo channels
  • Sampling rate: 48kHz/96kHz
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 320 mm × 140 mm × 455 mm
  • Net weight: 14.3lbs

More Info Available at Yamaha.