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Kvant ClubMax 6000 Laser


Kvant Clubmax 6000 Show Laser Rental

The Kvant ClubMax 6000 is a cost effective and low maintenance professional laser light show system, offering exceptional quality and value. The projector is quite powerful, while still being small and very easy to transport and mount. It is ideally suited for small, medium, and large indoor venues, as well as touring and mobile entertainment applications. It can even be used in some outdoor applications as well.

The ClubMAX 6000 has a guaranteed output of 6000mw; with a stunning white balance (RED: 1.3W/637nm + GREEN: 1.9W/520nm + BLUE: 3W/445nm). In addition, it features all pure diode modules protected by LASORB, for brighter more vibrant colors and longer lifetimes.

It also comes standard with the new ScannerMAX Compact-506 optical scanning system, for exceptionally fast scan speeds of 35K @ 8 degree optical, with an 60 degree maximum scan angle on both the X and Y axis, that produces stunning text, graphics and logos, as well as wide-angle beam effects.


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