Paradox Productions

ETC Source Four Lustr 2


If you’re looking to upgrade your tungsten lighting spotlights to LED, the ETC Source Four LED Lustr 2 is a great option.The Lustr 2 uses the same shutter blade, lens barrel and optics as a traditional Source Four, making the transition from tungsten to LED easier. There’s no need to throw out or sell off your current lens tubes, as they will work seamlessly with the Lustr 2. If you’re worried about matching the light of an HPL lamp, this fixture has you covered. ETC added lime green LEDs to the mix, which improves the overall lumen output in open white and lighter tints, allowing you to match the color of a conventional Source Four. The Lustr 2 also utilizes extra red to produce ambers, straws & pinks that allow for great sunsets, moonlight and dramatic scenes.