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Cold Spark Machine


Blitzz FX Cold Spark Machine Rental

The ProX Blitzz FX Cold Spark Machine is a DMX-controllable device that can project a fountain of cold sparks up to 10-feet high. This compact unit is made out of metal and has connectors for daisy-chaining devices together. It has a panel with an LED screen and buttons on the back for controlling the intensity of the spark machine. The effect produces virtually no smoke, and leaves no foul odor, making it a perfect choice for indoor use. The machine heats up metal blends that are loaded into the device from small pouches. This machine takes 90 seconds per shot with a cool-down period, which means you won’t have to reload after one shot. Every 7 ounces (200 grams) of metal blend gives you approximately 10 – 15 minutes of shooting time.

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