Chauvet Kinta FX

Chauvet Kinta FX LED Effect Lighting Rental

Chauvet’s Kinta FX combines three classic lighting effects into a single compact fixture, offering serious bang for the buck when it comes to space and overall value. First, there’s the dazzling multicolor derby effect, which covers a wide spread of dance floor with razor-sharp beams. To complement the derby, Chauvet gave the Kinta FX a red-and-green laser projector, and then they topped the whole thing off with 16 SMD strobe LEDs. DMX gives you total control over all three sections, but Sweetwater lighting techs dig the automated and sound-active programs onboard the Kinta FX too. What’s more, it’s compatible with the IRC-6 remote (sold separately), so you can get wireless control too if you want it.

More info available at Chauvet DJ.