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Chauvet Freedom Par H4


Chauvet Freedom Par H4 Battery Powered Uplight Rental

Ditch the cables, cut the cords, and upgrade your rig with the hex-color flexibility of Chauvet’s Freedom Par Hex-4 LED lighting fixture. One of Chauvet’s popular Freedom series fixtures, this battery-powered light offers up to 20 hours of continuous operation between charges, while hex-color LEDs let you mix a virtually endless range of colors including pale pastels, warm earth tones, and electrifying UV. An integrated D-Fi transceiver lets you choose from FlareCON Air or FlareCON app control, or grab an IRC-6 wireless remote and keep it simple. Between its compact, truss-ready design and its built-in adjustable kickstand, the Freedom Par Hex-4 makes it easy to produce vivid light wherever you need it.

More info available at Chauvet DJ.