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Club Cannon Handheld MKII


Club Cannon Handheld MKII Rental

The Club Cannon Handheld MKII is a portable, manually operated Co2 Cannon that requires no power. This unit will produce 20-30ft plumes of ice cold fog.

The manual operation makes it suitable for use by DJ’s, night clubs, DJ booths, sporting events, football entrances, half time shows, theatre productions, weddings, special events and more.

The Club Cannon handheld MKII introduces several improvements from our original Handheld CO2 Cannon. This unique design adds convenience features, and brings its visual appearance in line with our other product offerings. The aluminum body & barrel components are custom fabricated with extreme precision, and will not corrode like traditional steel parts. The integrated silencer reduces output noise by up to 30dB, making it significantly quieter than other products on the market. The custom ventilation design will prevent the product from creating dry ice particles. The Handheld MKII comes standard with an integrated stability handle, improving control and maneuverability, while adding a sleek look.