Orders canceled greater than 48 hours prior to Job Start Date are granted a full refund. Cancelation within a 48 hour period prior to Rental Start Date is subject up to 100% charge of the rental cost.



Renter agrees to be available to receive rented items from Para Pro AV at time of pickup or delivery and to take possession of Equipment only upon full understanding of Equipment operation. Renter agrees not to expose equipment to harsh conditions including but not limited to: water, dust, sand, moisture, or extended direct sunlight or heat sources.
Cleaning fees and or damage charge may be incurred if evidence of exposure to harsh conditions exists upon Equipment return. Cable damage or cable wrap fees may also be incurred if the cables are returned in an unorganized fashion or damaged.



The equipment herein shall be delivered and returned by Renter at his or her own risk and expense. Failure to return rental equipment or property as per contract will result in criminal prosecution in accordance with state law.
Rental agrees to pay an additional day’s rental for each day for equipment returned after the specified return date on this contract. Price charged will be per item, per day.



Renter is responsible for all damage to Equipment from any cause whatsoever incurred while in possession of Equipment. The Renter shall compensate Para Pro AV for the full replacement value of the equipment. Para Pro AV will inspect all Equipment returned from Renter and will notify Renter of any charges within 24 hours of Rental return. Renter is responsible for loss from any cause whatsoever incurred while in possession of Equipment, whether or not the fault of Renter, including theft.

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